With this video we are being given some good advice for this time of great fear and restrictions. We are being encouraged to use the restrictions for our benefits, and use our time productively. We are all going through a process of transformation mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And we are encouraged not to fear it, but to expand, love and connect with each other any  possible way.

Lets us therefore not be locked in terror, but use the time we now have lots of to slow down, look to our health, study to free our minds, do some gardening and or improve our homes, so they are more beneficial.

We are being told that this actually is a wonderful time. Our planet is going through an evolution and what we experience now is one of the speed bumps along the highway, helping us slowing down, so that we are more prepared for what comes. We are not week, so we must take our life into our own hands. No one can rule over our hearts, minds and souls.


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