Let go of your worries, let go of your fear, let go and you are here. Let go of your troubles, let go of the fighting, let go of the hiding, let go of the shame, let go of the sorrow – let go in His Name, and just feelfeel that love in your bones when your heart recognizes your soui.

I just love Sangitas gentle soft voice and the lyrics, which I am not trying to give you here but only her overall message: “Let everything go into His Hands”!

Emptying my mind for all my  “problems and worries” and letting them go into His Hands, actually lets me feel the love in my bones and my heart recognize my soul.

“Let Go” by Sangita, performed by Sangita Sweeney (vocals), Prem Sweeney (guitar, harmonica) & Omraj Dosoudil (percussion)

One thought on “Let go!

  1. Vi kan “let go of everything”. Derfor nævner jeg nogle af de ting, hun synger om. Det er ikke sangteksten i sig selv, jeg videregiver, men hendes budskab: “Let it go into His Hands”.
    Lyt igen! 1.42 min. inde i sangen: “Let go of your fighting, let go of your tears. Let go of your hiding, and you are here”.

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