This is a day of silence and of trust.  This day is holy, for it ushers a new experience; a different kind of feeling and awareness.

Jesus states that we have reached another crucial turning point in this curriculum. A new dimension is being added now, that will prepare us for what we yet have to learn. It brings us to the door where learning ceases, and we catch a glimpse  of what lies beyond all learning. Today will we be given to feel a touch of Heaven.

So let us rest in still anticipation and quiet joy and let today’s idea light our mind – we are going to rise above the world and catch a glimpse of something wonderful – our true Self.

Today we will embark upon a course we have not dreamed of, he tells us. But the Holy One, the Giver of the happy dreams of life, Translator of perception into truth, the holy Guide to Heaven given us, has dreamed for us this journey, which we make and start today, with the experience this day holds out to us to be our own.

Into Christ’s Presence we would enter now, serenely unaware of everything except His shinning face and perfect Love.

From this day forth our ministry takes on a genuine devotion. – Let us hear what Jesus has to add to this lesson through  the channel Tina Spalding.


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