Decisions are continuous.  You do not always know when you are making a decision. But with a little practice and observing your thoughts you will come to an experience of an continuous decision making taking place in your mind. Jesus gives us some rules for decision in chapter 30 of the Text book.

1. rule

1. ”Today I will make no decisions by myself.”  This means that I am choosing not to be the judge of what to do.  But it must also mean that I will not judge the situations where I will be called upon to make response.  For if I judge them, I have set the rules for how I should react to them.”

2 rule

2. If I make no decisions by myself, this is the day that will be given me. These two procedures, practiced well, will serve to let me be directed without fear.

3 no question

3. But there will be times where I make a decision on my own, and try to answer my own question/problem and feel some discomfort.  Once again I must remember the day I wanted, and recognize that something has occurred that is not part of it.

So …”I have no question. – I forgot what to decide.”

4 decided wronly

4. It is important that the discomfort of my wrong-minded choice not be rationalized, but looked at for the mistake it was  – “I must have decided wrongly, because I am not at peace.”

5 I don't like how i feel

5. And from feeling this discomfort I can say: ”At least I can decide that I do not like what I feel now.”

6 I hope

6. “And therefore I hope I have been wrong.” – This is a key step. Remember Jesus’ question to us: “Do you prefer that you be right or happy?“

Now I can start again. I can remember the day I actually wanted and understand that I made some decisions (judgments or conclusions) myself, that ruined the flow of letting Spirit orcheresting the day for me by removing any obstacle that would block my path or make me stumble.

How wonderful and joyful it is to let go of planning, concluding, judging and problem solving.

Thank you Holy Spirit, for taking such good care of me for my highest best and that of others, when I am willing to let Your Love lead me.

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