TRUSTING Holy Spirit is the only way to peace in all aspects of my life, and yet I resist it a lot and catch myself  on the ego’s merry-go-round” again and again. I think I know what is best for me, what will make me happy – forgetting I am not a body or person. Jesus asks us to be vigilant against the ego, the desire to be separate and unique. Oh my!

We think that, in order to be happy, you have to make the right decisions among different options. But that is not true. As A Course in Miracles reminds us, all our options are actually the same: thoughts of the ego.They are of the past. Choosing among them is not the way to be happy; it just keeps you stuck.

In this video David shows us how to make the one real choice for lasting happiness. The ego made this world so that we would think there was choice where there is no choice.

“The present is not this perceptual moment. Everything perceived with the five senses is all the past. When you realize you can’t change something that’s already over, you begin to relax. This is how to be happy.

The more you go inside your mind, you begin to find in your heart there is an intentional, vibrational way of seeing; a way of recognizing others. As you merge with this presence, you can see that it is all part of a big prearranged plan.

The script is a linear story, but as you go higher up in consciousness you see that it is all simultaneous. Know that you are love and that you are loved. There is a sense of being carried. All decisions become as easy as breathing.

When you align your mind with the Holy Spirit, decisions have already been made. You become truly happy. Being is only in the present. Happiness is a present choice. That’s why trust is so important. The only way to find freedom is to hear and trust the Voice of the Holy Spirit. We have an ego addiction. We must become willing to stop listening to the ego and trust the Holy Spirit.” (David Hoffmeister)

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