In the dreaming of this world, we seem to be many separate ones with an individual identity. And there seem to be a hierachy of relationships.

These are some of the “labels” put on these relationships: a/my friend,  an acquantence, a stranger,  my girl/boy/lady friend, a/my neigbour, a/my co-worker, a/my colleque, my dentist, my doctor etc. Not to mention all the different family labels, which signify how ” close” we are related.

All those labels restate that we are different and separate, and that some people are more close to us – or more important to us than others. We have a hierachy of private special relationships, which sets us apart from each other, creates a distance between us and is the birthplace for roles with rules and expectations.

In Truth there is only One Relationship – and that is The Relationship between God, the Father and His Son, Christ. All relationships that do NOT reflect this One is being used by the ego for further dreaming of separation

Here are some  videos with David., where he talks about relationships and how they can be used for awakening.

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