How can we be alone when God always goes with us? How can we be doubtful and unsure of ourselves when perfect certainty abides in Him? How can we be disturbed by anything when He rests in us in absolute peace? How can we suffer when love and joy surround us through Him? “God goes with me wherever I go.” Let us not cherish illusions about ourselves. We are perfect because God goes with us wherever we go.

“God is my strength. Vision is His gift.”

“God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him.” We can see what God wants me to see. We cannot see anything else.

“God is the light in which I see.” We cannot see in darkness. God is the only light. Therefore, if we are to see, it must be through Him.  Let us welcome vision and the happy world it will show us.

“God is the Mind with which I think.” We have no thoughts we do not share with God. We have no thoughts apart from Him, because we have no mind apart from His. As part of His Mind, our thoughts are His and His Thoughts are ours.


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