How can we know who we are when we feel constantly attacked? Pain, illness, loss, conflicts, age and death seem to threaten us.  We have tried to give our inheritance away in exchange for the world we see. But God has kept it safe for us. “My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.”

“Above all else I want to see.”  Recognizing that what we see reflects what we think we are, we realize that vision is our greatest need. If we would remember who we are, it is essential that we let this image of ourselves go.

“Above all else I want to see differently.” Let us have the door behind this world opened for us, that we may look past it to the world that reflects the Love of God.

“God is in everything I see.” Behind every image we have made, the truth remains unchanged. God is still everywhere and in everything forever.

“God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.” In our own mind, behind all our insane thoughts of separation and attack, is the knowledge that all is one forever.

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