The ego tries to tell me, that there are causation in form and will “help” me to avoid unwanted effects and results. Jesus says, that the ego always speaks first and loud. And I notice how often I listen and believe there are causation “out there” that have effects/ results which affect me one way or another! This idea is deeply rooted in my mind.

Let us take a close look at our belief in outside causation because this will play out in different ways:

There will be an awareness of not wanting to choose certain situations that may bring up unpleasant emotions. There will be an avoidance of certain environments that could “cause” us discomfort in different ways: noisy surroundings, ugly surroundings, foreign environments, troubled surroundings in some way, too many people, too few people, the presence of animals, the presence of children, the presence of certain people and many, many other external “causes”. There may also be an awareness of what different things/ people can “do to me” or “for me”.

I would, for example, have ideas about “healthy diet” and “healthy living”. But it’s only my doubt thoughts and fear about the diet I eat and my lifestyle, that can result in a search for “safety” in the “best” foods, specific diets, the “most important supplements” and “effective” drugs of various kinds. The list is endless, and it rests on the fearful thought: that there is no one or anything that takes care of me. There is this belief, that some illusions are better than others. All this seems to give a sense of “security”, but under all this  the fear from time to time raises his hideous, scary head  to make sure, that there is always an awareness of, for example, better food, better diets for our special problems, even more important supplements and more effective drugs, etc. An eternal search for security – where security and safety is not found!

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 17.47.20

Who this “me” however is, whom I have to take care of – we must ask! It can not be Who I really am, because Jesus tells me that I’m not a body. That I can not be separate from anything. That there is no differences among illusions. Nothing is better or worse than anything else. And he stresses, that only my thoughts can hurt me!

So what is it that needs care, that is in need for healing? It’s not the body, because illusions can not be healed!

If my thoughts are the cause and have effects and results, it can only be the mind that believes in illusions which is in need of healing!

And what is the remedy? An undoing of all the false beliefs and thoughts in the mind, the ego thougth system – and thereby an awakening from the dream of separation.

Jesus tells us, that it will be necessary, however, that we learn to require no special settings in which to apply what we have learned for this process.

“In order to use what I teach you, you will actually most need situations that appear to be upsetting, rather than situations or environments that do not seem to disturb or upset you in any way.

The purpose of what I teach you, is to enable you to bring peace with you everywhere, and continuously heal all the unrest your thoughts brings you by remembering: “I’m never upset for the reason I think.” Give your troubled thoughts to the Holy Spirit and remember! “Only my thoughts can hurt me”. – You do not learn this by avoiding certain things and situations or surroundings.

You will yet learn that peace is a part of you and can not be absent from you. This only requires you to meet every situation and all surroundings and things to embrace whatever and any situation, because God and peace are with you everywhere.”

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