We only see our thoughts. The world we see is only pictures of our thoughts. The world we perceive is not outside our minds. The world we see is these thoughts that arise in consciousness about the past and the future. This is not to see. We must choose whether we want to see or not? That is the question! – To see with Christ’s vision, to see in the light or not at all.

We have to acknowledge that we have no private thoughts. While we let these thoughts pass through our minds – thoughts about the past and the future – about the body, the world and time and place – we remind ourselves that only those private thoughts are known to us. We observe all these thoughts in our minds. All these seemingly private thoughts – which do not exist and therefore mean nothing.

God did not create these thoughts about past and future, time and place, bodies, planets and stars.

These thoughts do not exist – therefore they have no meaning. But we do. We are. We are the perfect Son of God. We are as God created us, holy are we. We are Spirit. Would we not rather join in thinking with the universe – rather than conceal all that really is ours – with our pitiful private thoughts. What will we focus on – what will we give attention right now – this dream of private thoughts or reality, which means the Kingdom of Heaven and the living Christ, Which is our true Identity?

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