Lesson 35: “My mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.” We have chosen to be in time rather than in Eternity. And because we think we are in this world of time and space, we can not believe this about ourselves: “My mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.” But God Himself put us in Eternity forever. And holiness is not of this world, which means we are not of this world. In our mind we have chained ourselves to the world we made, but we are still in God. We just imagine that we can be separated from God.  (Reading suggestion: chapter 5.VI: time and eternity)

Jesus says: “You want your surroundings to protect the image of yourself that you have made. The image is part of this environment. What you see while you believe you are in it is seen through the eyes of the image. This is not vision. Images cannot see.” The focus is now on the one who perceives, not on what he perceives.


We are holy because our mind is part of God’s. Therefore, our sight must also be holy.  “My holiness encompasses all that I see.” lesson 36. As part of God’s Mind, we must also be without sin and be innocent. Otherwise, part of His mind would be sinful. Our sight is not of the body, but comes from the holiness in our mind. This holy vision we received in our creation. But in our insanity we have replaced it with the ego’s eyes. “Therefore, let us “rebuild “our holy vision by reclaiming our holiness again!

With Lesson 37 we are told, that our true function in the world is to see the world through our holiness: “My holiness blesses the world.” And that we and the world are blessed together. When we offer the world our holiness, everyone is offered what is theirs. And everyone is entitled to everything as a son of God. In holiness there is no sacrifice, nothing to sacrifice, and therefore no loss.

Our holiness is the salvation of the world. These are big words. Jesus asks us to live our holiness. My holiness blesses the world can used anytime, and specifically if someone or something “provokes” a negative reaction in us.

He who joins from holiness in himself, experiences himself as one with what he joins with – subject and object merges into one, the experience of duality / separation disappeares! He who sees himself as holy, sees himself as a whole. He who sees himself as a whole does not make any demands. This one is all and has all!

“There is nothing my holiness can not do”, lesson 38. Our holiness makes us what we are: The holy Son of God, at one with our Creator. Through our holiness the power of God heals the mind from believing it is a person in the world, the world he made up. Holiness can heal all disease, pain, sadness and all sorts of problems – by healing the false identity.

“My holiness is my salvation”, lesson 39.  The question is whether we really believe that guilt is hell? that we need to be saved!?  – Jesus says, that if we believed this, we would have no need of a workbook! But as long as we are attracted to guilt and see no need for salvation from sin and guilt – because the ego taught us to project what we do not want, our holiness will be hidden for us.

Holiness is a state of mind, an experience of salvation! Holiness will lead us far beyond any experience of guilt.

Through our holiness we communicate with the Holy Spirit and teach others about their holiness. And we will see that our holiness encompasses everything we see. Our holiness will answer any question that was ever asked or ever will be asked!

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