So this is a huge lesson in opening to the awareness that “Nothing I see means anything.”  This is a version of the first lesson of the workbook.  But it’s bringing in the idea of “NOW” and that nothing is truly seen or perceived “NOW”.

(The sound quality is not the best – but you can read along in the text underneath here.)

We have become accustomed to a sense of “NOW” and actually we’re being shown, guided towards an experience that we have not known the present in this world.  That the present is not a blip of time that becomes available between the past and the future.

The present is before time was and that’s the reason I see nothing as it is now.  To be fully present is to be in the light of the great rays.  To be fully present is revelatory.  To be fully present is the light of Heaven.

So these great rays are not on the time line.  Certainly not between the past and the future which are the same.

It also fits with our earlier lesson that I see only the past.  For teaching devices I’ve called this for years, “the past past and the future past” because they are the same they are not different.  They, the past past and the future past, block the awareness of the light so it’s a very humble lesson today.

It’s an admission that I’m not really seeing and it’s an important admission if I want to truly see with the spiritual eye, the altar within, with Christ vision.

And as we read in the text today, the body is not the temple because the temple is an altar, an inner altar.  It is not a structure.  It’s not a body.  It’s not a building.  It’s not a flower.  Even in this world, often times, seemingly external altars are built, but today’s lesson, wipes them out, “I see nothing as it is now.” And points us to the inner altar which is true beauty.

Our reading from the text today pointed us to where true beauty can be found.

Not in physicality, because God is beauty and God did not create the physical.

So it must be that the Holy Spirit can use, the seeming physical, the seeming symbols and structures of the world to erase them, to delete them.  And we begin today in earnest, in sincerity, like a little child with hands and arms out stretched looking up and saying, “Show me.”  Show me the way to spiritual vision which is my natural inheritance which offers true gifts, the gifts I was given in creation by my Source, God.

And so we begin, this opening to the inner altar as we glance one more time at the perceptual world and admit with the core of our heart, “I see noting as it is now.”

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