Here at the beginning of the new year – I feel to go deeper into the early lessons of the Course, which are about our way of perceiving,seeing and thinking. I was “led” to David Hoffmeister’s meditations over the first 4 lessons, Which help us see how the deceived mind perceives and thinks.

Lesson 1: “As we apply workbook lesson number one (“Nothing I see means anything”) to the perception of the world, this is the beginning of retraining our mind to see the world in a completely different way. This is the beginning of allowing the Holy Spirit to wash the mind free of judgments and preferences, hierarchies of thought. Free of belief that some things we perceive are more important than other things. This is the beginning of mind training; a very devoted practice to forgiving the world and awakening from the dream of sickness, pain, suffering and death. Of awakening from fragmented perception to true perception, and beyond to the Reality of the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Lesson 2: “I have given everything I see all the meaning that it has for me.” This beautiful lesson is a reminder that all meaning emanates from consciousness and consciousness is the domain of the ego. So all meaning that is perceived in the world of time and space, the linear cosmos, is a projection of fiction. False meaning, false concepts, false beliefs. This is how the world of linear time and space seems to arise. It comes from these concepts of a self that God did not create. These concepts have taken on a seeming reality in this world and all apparent meaning is in consciousness and seems to be projected out to the dream world. So this lesson begins to show the part that the mind plays in a assigning meaning to the meaningless. In giving meaning to the images. This image making capacity is the ego assigning meaning to all images. We could even call them idle images and generating a veil that covers over the light of truth and the light of God. In the Bible we were told, “Hold no graven images before the Lord thy God”, and yes, this wasn’t talking about totem poles or golden calves. This is talking about the entire egoic process of generating meaning where there is none and making a false perception to cover the face of Christ, to cover our very identity. So gently as you move through the day, see the importance of this lesson; “I have given everything I see all the meaning that it has for me.” It brings the responsibility for sight back to the mind and reverses the idea that the world tells me who I am, the world tells me what to do. This crazy idea that the world dictates my state of mind because this external form of causation is completely false. There is nothing in time that makes me who I am. Only linear time could construct an illusion that would tempt me to deny my True Self as the Christ.”

Lesson 3: “This is the great emptying of the mind that is required for healing to occur. … All the meaning of all the images, of all the appearances, is given solely by the ego, which generated a world of opposites. A world of multiplicity, a world of many images that each seems to have an existence in and of itself as a separate object. The mind needs to heal and to know the meaning of love, to know its self as love, a creation of divine love. And in order to heal I must begin to be open to the idea that I do not understand anything I perceive.”

Lesson 4: “These thoughts do not mean anything. Today we begin a practice of meditation. The workbook lessons are guiding us, helping us to train our minds to meditate. And the first three lessons are: “Nothing I see means anything”; “I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me”; and “I do not understand anything I see.” These first three lessons are the very beginning of letting go of all meaning of what is perceived, all meaning of the linear perceived world of time and space. It’s like the first three lessons are opening the lid of a can, and then, as we peal that lid off, we are told these thoughts do not mean anything. So today’s lesson is the first lesson from Jesus that is addressing thoughts. The first three lessons addressed perception, and now, lesson number four addresses, directly, the thoughts of a sleeping mind. So, we now make the attempt to stop, and watch, and sink within toward “Be still and know that I am God”, toward the truth of our being. Move away from the temporary, the ephemeral, the fleeting, and inward towards certainty. Focus on this idea for today, “These thoughts do not mean anything.”

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