My days start with the happy intent:
“I will let everything be exactly as they are and follow Holy Spirit as my Guide in everything all through the day!”

Several times during the day – often without noticing the split second where I forget my intention, I begin listening to the ego. The ego supports all my many beliefs about this and that, which makes them feel true and rightful to me. When I am not with others I can spend quite some time with the ego, without noticing it, and just follow its thoughts. There has to be some feelings of discomfort or suffering in my mind, before it dawns on me to question my thoughts, interpretations or beliefs.

When I am with others and forget my intention, I immediately register the subtle feelings and fearful thoughts that comes from separating from Spirit and my brothers and following ego: suspicions, agitation, helplessness, tension, guilt, fear, doubts etc. – and the cost:  loss of peace, joy and connection. When not willing to hand it over to Spirit for correction right away in the situation, I have to do it afterwards to get back to peace and joy.

It is shocking how lousy and unhappy we allow ourselves to feel as students of the Course and miracle workers, before we stop and begin to question the feelings, thoughts and beliefs we are holding.

What I have found very helpful in this process of undoing unhappiness and suffering and loss of peace all through my day is the first section in “Rules for Decisions” chapter 30 in the Course.
Here are a couple of videos about decision making that are very helpful.


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