While  working on several projects in my kitchen  I Iistened to Peter Mayer’s beautiful song: “Holy Now”.

Thoughts about my “earthly father” appeared and I felt happy. However, I could not maintain the idea of ​​him as my father and experienced a “transformation of him from my father to my brother in Christ”.
A split second it felt like a “loss”, but this was replaced by great joy and peace and joyfulness.

Then thoughts about my mother appeared along with guilt and sadness for not appreciating and accepting her – as she was and wanting her to be different, and my tears ran freely.
I could feel that I was ready to let go of this picture of “my earthly mother”. I was ready to accept that I had given her the script for this role. Finally, I was ready to take responsibility for this manuscript. And I experienced this same transformation of her from my mother to “my brother in Christ” and felt great gratitude and love for her and peace of my mind.- Everything is well.

Enjoy this beautiful song with me: “It is well” (Kristine DiMarco)

my eyes are on you

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