I can catch myself “basking” in some compliments, and I can catch myself hating ”being criticized”. These reactions both tell me that I think I’m a person and believe there is a difference between criticism and compliments.

I can also catch myself complimenting someone for something about their appearance or highlighting something they do or have done – and think it’s “good”.

Or I can catch myself criticizing someone about their appearance, or criticizing something they do or have done and think it’s “wrong”!

Examples: “That color is really good for you!” – “Why are you always so arrogant?” – “You’re just so beautiful!” – “That dress does not really  look nice on her!” – “That hairstyle suits you very well! “-” He just can not do anything right! “-” She’s playing wonderful!y “-“You’re singing really beautifully”

The ego believes in a hierachy of illusions. It compliments to get something and criticize to raise itself above others, who it sees as special.

The one who criticizes or gives compliments believes he is a person / body  and sees his brother / sister as a person / body too.

The Holy Spirit sees criticism and compliments like this: Compliments and criticisms are the same !. There is no hierachy of illusions. They are all the same  illusion: the belief that the Son of God is a body / person and separate from other persons / bodies and from his Father. “Both criticism and compliments must therefore be regarded as” a call for love “and nothing else.

Sometimes when I watch or meet “people,” I feel a vibrating joy and love that these “people” seemingly radiate – but that is actually the vibrating Joy and Love in the One Mind that we all share which I recognize in myself. We are one and the same.

children in water

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