I caught myself feeling a need …

and a desire to control a future situation. The desire clearly came from fear – from the ego’s projected hypothetical scare scenarios.

There is a conviction that there is a need for control.. The need for control comes from lack of trust in the Holy Spirit as my Guide in every situation, in all matters.

The only way to let go of control is to start accepting that I never had any control in the first place. I never had control over my body, my world or anything in this dream. Everything – the whole illusion of a world apart from God – is over. And it was never up to me to control anything, or do anything!

My only function is to practice true forgiveness of this dream, which I think I am caught in. Therefore, I must accept that I have no control over anything but the direction of my thinking

I can choose to give meaning to everything I seem to experience, and I can choose to judge everything from my barometer for good and bad! But it will just make this dream – more real! Jesus asks me to give up all judgments and thus all the control, just as he did himself – to experience the joy and peace that comes when judgment and control are given up.

Regarding the future situation that I feared: I came to the recognition that the painful, scary thoughts made me miserable, and I remembered, “I am only doing this to my self”. So I gave it all to the Holy Spirit and allowed everything to be exactly, as it is. And there was peace, and there was joy instead of fear and misery.

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